Emergency response planning, testing and execution

We provide major emergency management support to the oil and gas industry in times of crisis.

Petrofac has a strong and established history of providing crisis and major emergency management (MEM) support to the oil and gas industry in times of need. From theory to desk-top exercises to purpose-built simulations, we help organisations prepare for crisis, ensuring they have the necessary control and competency in place when an emergency happens. We can provide:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Exercises
  • Environmental response services

As a first step in ensuring that you have a robust emergency response system in place, we conduct an audit to assess your critical emergency response, including:

  • Organisation
  • Communications
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Procedures
  • Competence
  • Facilities

We also develop plans and procedures for use by in-house emergency response and crisis management teams, and can manage change programmes to ensure best practice is embedded in your organisation.

Whatever the objective, we will develop the appropriate plans and emergency response management systems needed to protect your personnel – and limit the wider repercussions – should the worst happen.

Our emergency response courses focus on:

  • Crisis management
  • Control room operators
  • Initial response
  • Offshore installation management
  • Shift supervisor production
  • Production operations
  • Environmental response to OPEP, OPITO and DECC accreditations

Our major emergency response (MEM) training has been delivered globally, using purpose-built facilities in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Our simulators (used in-house by BP and Shell) are able to replicate emergency situations ranging from a simple false alarm to a full-scale abandonment.

Our process simulation technology can also be customised to accurately replicate one of your assets, or to replicate COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) regulations
sites. This allows for site-specific training and assessment to take place off-site.

We run simulated and tabletop exercises with our clients to enable discussion, debate and application of plans in a real-time scenario.

We can also conduct a major exercise to test your emergency response plans and procedures in conjunction with external responders, and SOSREP (Secretary of State Representative) exercises.

In 2016 we completed 155 emergency response exercises alone and we have coordinated more SOSREP for Maritime Salvage and Intervention exercises than any other provider.

Environmental response

See our dedicated environmental response services, including oil pollution emergency plans.

Emergency management

Take control with our emergency management training

We completed 155 emergency response exercises in 2016

We were the first in the world to gain approval for our OPITO Major Emergency Management Initial Response training