Emergency response support

Emergency management control room

We provide people and facilities to support you in preparing emergency response plans and in managing a crisis if necessary.

Emergency response support
Emergency response and crisis management (ERCM) has been one of our specialist areas for more than 20 years.

We provide trained personnel and fit-for-purpose facilities to support you in managing any unplanned or emergency situation.

We can also develop, test and execute emergency response plans, including consultancy and training to ensure you are prepared to respond directly.

Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC)
Our ERSC facility in Aberdeen was the first of its kind, and remains the market leader 11 years after it opened.

Our personnel are highly experienced and provide 24/7 support every day of the year to over 50 clients all over the world, covering 160 assets. The emergency response team responds to multiple calls every month, from muster drills and exercises to real incidents. Since 2006, we have responded to over 2,500 live calls for help.

As well as supporting client projects, the ERSC supports our own operations as Duty Holder and Service Operator for a number of clients. Learn more about the centre.

Emergency response and crisis management solutions (ERCM)
As well as supporting you in the event of an emergency, we can also help you prepare emergency response plans so that you will be ready if there were to be a problem.

A complete ERCM solution will typically involve:

  • An analysis of current arrangements
  • Preparation of emergency response plans
  • Delivery of training
  • Assessment and provision of emergency response service centre support

Our ERCM personnel possess knowledge acquired from a variety of backgrounds: oil and gas, petrochemicals, financial services, the emergency services, the armed forces and government.

Together our team offers you access to an extensive pool of knowledge, experience and expertise in developing best practice approaches to managing disruption whenever and wherever it occurs. They are ideally placed to cover all aspects of ERCM.

We can also provide emergency response teams to support with:

  • Incident Management Team Response: Trained personnel to provide a coordinated response, supported by robust procedures
  • Relative Response Team: Supporting and caring for those affected and extending this care to relatives by providing a point of telephone contact and a means of providing next of kin with confirmed information
  • Media Response Team: Receiving incoming calls from the press and/or media agencies and issuing confirmed information in response

Find out more about our emergency response training, consultancy and response services.

Our emergency response service centre has responded to over 2,500 emergency calls since 2006.

Our emergency response and crisis management team support high risk industries across the world

We answer a call for help within six rings