Training centre management

We have designed, developed and currently operate large scale training facilities in 10 countries including Europe, the Americas, the CIS, the Middle East and Asia Pacific

We have a proven track record in developing training facilities for clients from the initial design through to operation and management where necessary. This includes the detailed design and build of new centres and process plants, along with procurement services and operational systems to ensure that the start-up and management of each training facility meets client requirements.

We also run existing centres which were not designed or built by us. Petrofac provides training centre operational management, processes and systems to deliver relevant, quality technical training.We also develop training curriculum and programmes that benefit from our approach to blended learning, industry experienced technical trainers and hands-on practical skills development. Our digital solutions include the development and production of digital assets such as e-learning packages, animations and augmented reality simulations that actively engage learners.

Currently, we have more than 50 English language specialists and 400 technical experts focused on developing training curriculum and competence. We deliver in the areas of HSE and technical O&M, engineering, drilling and well services training as well as emergency response and crisis management (ERCM).

Our technical experts serve an international client-base, spanning a diverse range of fields including exploration and production, drilling, refining, petrochemicals, gas, LNG and renewables. From this large pool of resources we can staff training centres with high quality specialists.

Our delivery teams are:

  • Safe
  • Highly experienced
  • Cost conscious
  • Delivery focused
  • Global and flexible
  • Technical experts
  • Operationally minded
  • Competency specialists
  • Able to deliver asset specific training
  • Accredited

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We have over 400 technical experts developing and delivering our training materials