Nationalisation programmes

Our nationalisation programmes provide your delegates with skills and qualifications so they can start contributing to your success immediately

Our practical experience of running large scale technical nationalisation training programmes spans over 10 years in the Middle East and Central Asia, with a consistent track record of generating in-country value across these projects.

We have a strong track record in delivering technical, regulatory and academic training to achieve nationalisation.

Our nationalisation programmes equip delegates with the necessary skills and qualifications to enable them to make an immediate and valuable contribution in the workplace.

Our team of multinational industry training professionals have extensive oil and gas international best practice experience, working with some of the world’s largest energy sector companies. All of our instructors are screened for prerequisite field experience as well as teaching and assessing skills.

Course delivery and development
We provide our clients with industry-standard, competence-based training programmes which accelerate the development of skilled and competent technicians and upskill existing employees. Typically, these programmes follow a pattern of English language development, core skills, technical discipline and simulated work experience using process training plants and our digital training solutions.

At the core of our programmes are the themes of work ethic, safety and teamwork – themes that are reinforced daily through bespoke training strategies and methodologies.

World class Technical Centres
At our training centres we provide delegates with practical and realistic learning using low-risk hands-on training. This approach accelerates learning and at the same time eliminates risk of loss of production revenue. This experiential approach is blended with theory-based classroom sessions for an overall approach to learning that is both comprehensive and immersive.

This extensive, hands-on, practical experience allows us to fast-track the development of delegates, so that when they are back on site, the time until they can work productively and autonomously is much reduced.

We also operate and provide training professionals to support existing client training centres, and we deliver training on-site and online for those clients who do not have existing centres.

We deliver world-class, internationally accredited technical training programmes for the oil and gas industry

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