Academic training

Our multilingual team deliver basic and technical English language training, along with core academic training.

Our academic programmes bridge the gap between school and college learning and that required to operate in the industry, helping develop new entrants to the industry. These foundation programmes are important building blocks for candidates to be able to progress into technical areas.

In order for technicians to operate safely and effectively in environments where English is the operating language we often find that English language programmes are required. Petrofac have been delivering such support programmes for over 15 years, often at the front end of a project to allow the participants to access the technical content.

We approach the development of language, mathematics, science and other academic subjects through content that is relevant to the subject matter and which makes learning interesting. We believe that understanding the level and culture of the trainees is essential to ensuring the success of the programmes.

Our capabilities include:

  • English language training: A structured route to learning the English language, with levels progressing from beginner to advanced levels
  • Technical English language training: To equip learners with the technical language employed in everyday operations within the oil and gas sector
  • Business skills training: Management, leadership, media skills, public relations and administration
  • Vendor courses: Specialist training delivered by the manufacturer of the equipment or system
  • Maths: Entry level and advanced maths courses, applied to real world oil and gas scenarios
  • Graduate development programmes: Operational competency, design and practical construction skills
  • Leadership training: Training and developing the next generation of leadership in the oil and gas industry
  • Advanced development programmes: To enable the most capable learners to take training to the next level

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