Competency management and verification

We offer an end-to-end solution for competency management and verification, tailored to meet your needs

Many clients choose us to externally assure the management of competence to ensure compliance. We use our versatile competence management systems and software to:

  • Develop competency profiles and matrices
  • Manage competency frameworks
  • Develop assessment strategies and execute them
  • Conduct a workplace assessment against agreed frameworks
  • Manage the delivery of training to plug skills gaps
  • Verify assessments

As a result of our work clients can manage the levels of compliance to defined competency frameworks easily with full visibility of teams, department and assets.

Our competence compliance toolkit comprises the following audit and measurement techniques: 

  • Quality management system and procedures
    We instigate an efficient and cost-effective system to enable you to work towards reducing – and, eventually, removing – any specifications, standards and expectations that fail to conform to business goals
  • Quarterly performance reviews
    Performance is reviewed quarterly against predetermined key performance indicators
  • Critical procedures
    We develop, implement and assess HSSE procedures, environmental management systems (EMS) and total quality management (TQM) procedures
  • Assurance audits
    Quality assurance audits are conducted regularly to verify full compliance with international HSSE, EMS and TQM standards
  • Verification services
    We verify assessment and quality assurance compliance to international standards, as required by international accreditation and certification authorities
  • Vendor co-ordination and management
    We can manage third parties that supply goods or services to your business
  • Satellite and external accreditations
    We can liaise with training facilities operating from afar to deliver certifications and awards under the auspices of a relevant accredited centre or external awarding body
  • Competent Management System (CMS) and Training Management Services (TMS)
    Professional and cost-effective training management solutions: using CMS and TMS, we co-ordinate and administer your entire training requirement


We provide robust support so that you can demonstrate proven competence, now and in the future

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