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SkillsVX competency software diagram

SkillsVX: training and competence management software for the oil and gas industry

Our integrated training and competence management software suite, SkillsVX, is designed to meet the complex needs of the oil and gas industry and its regulatory requirements.

Leveraging the strength of our Operations and Maintenance, Engineering and Training experience, we can offer you a way of effectively managing workforce competency: from audits and analysis to performance monitoring, and from training and eLearning management to real-time analysis of workforce competency.

SkillsVX can analyse data across an individual business unit, across a specific asset or across your organisation as a whole, computing multiple matrices and roles.

It can be used to:

  • Measure workforce compliance, capability and performance
  • Manage and track workforce skill and skills gaps
  • Generate auditable, on-demand reports to meet operational and regulatory requirements
  • Enable planning and tracking of personnel scheduling

The system comprises five complementary modules that can be used individually or in any combination, depending on your requirements:

  • Learning management—a platform for hosting eLearning content and certification, ensuring consistent delivery even in remote locations
  • Training management—facilitating the scheduling and coordination of physical and practical training, it incorporates the training matrix and automatically generates recertification reminders
  • Competence management—storing competence profiles across the organisation, supporting online assessments and recording evidence of workforce attainment
  • Workforce planning – coordinates the movement of a workforce across complex shift patterns, ensuring organisations have the right mix of skills and competencies at all times
  • Performance management—integrated solution linking objective setting and appraisals with workforce competence, providing clear evidence-based data on an individual’s performance

SkillsVX dashboard

Our iPad-enabled version of the tool also offers an assessment application that allows for quick, paperless assessments, automatically transferring completed assessment data into the SkillsVX system.

Hosted at Microsoft Azure data centres, SkillsVX offers best-in-class levels of uptime and is enabled for low-bandwidth environments and proven in live operations on assets around the world.

We also provide competency consulting services to support your implementation requirements to develop competency profiles, matrices and assessments.

To learn more about our digital competence solutions, please contact us by email.

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