Transition management

We have a track record of over 25 major asset transitions, so you are assured a seamless handover.

Based on our experience of transitions over 20 years, our structured transition framework ensures that planning and execution are delivered successfully with no impact to safety or ongoing operations, and often in short timeframes. Our process incorporates a robust approach to quality, risk and client management, and covers initial planning, interfaces, project controls, operations handover and - vitally - lessons learned.

We know that people are at the heart of every transition. Assuring their safety and minimising the impact of change upon them is always our absolute focus. To do this we combine our proven experience in the implementation of TUPE transfers with our commitment to early and continual engagement and communication, whether this is with you, with the incumbent contractor, or with our new team members.

Our track record in this area includes everything from small workforce and asset transfers, right up to our largest transition, which involved 81 assets, four offshore fields, 500 km of subsea pipelines and 1,100 personnel.

Our principal objectives during all transitions are to:

  • Maintain high standards of HSE performance
  • Deliver a seamless operational transition with continuity of production
  • Identify, assess, eliminate or mitigate transition risks
  • Minimise expenditure and optimise business performance throughout the transition phase
  • Minimise loss of skills and asset knowledge
  • Ensure the efficient transfer of all necessary documentation
  • Work in collaboration to meet and exceed aligned KPIs
  • Deliver effective HR management, engagement and communication

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Our largest transition involved 81 assets, 4 offshore fields, 500km of subsea pipeline and 1,100 people