Operational readiness

We position your assets for success by assuring operational readiness from the earliest point in the project management life cycle.

Our multi-disciplinary teams will draw upon our expertise in engineering, construction, commissioning and operations to help you ensure that the optimum processes, systems, procedures, training and competence programmes are in place.

Our recommendations are always focused on achieving a flawless start-up followed by safe and sustainable steady-state operations.

In order to get the best possible results, our experts will review the smallest detail, including:

  • HSE management systems to safeguard life and the environment
  • Facilities engineering capability by identifying constraints and opportunities to better support asset performance
  • The effectiveness of facilities maintenance in relation to current and future performance
  • Operational strategies to ensure budgets, organisation and competency are optimised
  • Integrity management of pressure systems, corrosion management and wells
  • Business critical metering and allocation systems, field measuring and processing equipment
  • Supply chain and logistics efficiency: assessing commercial and supply risks
  • Information services: establishing fitness, risks and opportunities

We want to make sure you get the best possible results, so we prepare from end to end:

  • From protecting people’s safety to protecting the environment
  • From making sure people have the right skills to making sure the right systems and tools are in place to support them
  • From ensuring full compliance with regulations to ensuring the best possible performance.

There’s a lot to think about; but we can help.

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