Flow measurement and systems integration

Excellence in the measurement of hydrocarbons and the tracking of oil and gas products from origin to point of sale.

Our specialist metering teams have expert technical knowledge that enables us to provide bespoke metering and allocation project management and expertise across the full life cycle of a metering project; from conceptual design and feasibility studies through to installation and onto operations and maintenance.

Being independent from any manufacturer ensures that our performance will be aligned first and foremost with your goals and also draw upon the breadth of our capabilities across the asset life cycle to adapt our approach to service delivery.

Our services include:

Systems Integration
We manufacture flow computer systems, provide system upgrades, modifications, servicing and through life support in addition to the design and development of mechanical skid packages.

Our design, configuration, construction commissioning and full factory and site acceptance testing procedures include:

  • Metering skid packages
  • Control panels
  • Flow computers
  • Metering supervisory computer configuration
  • Live control systems change out
  • New, expanded and upgrade solutions

Technical Services
Asset production and allocation support, including:

  • Operations
  • Measurement systems
  • Maintenance packages
  • Legislatory support and guidance

Metering and measurement related processes, including:

  • Meter selection
  • Conceptual design and feasibility studies that incorporate a full evaluation of cost benefits and systems analysis
  • Site surveys, detailed system reviews and liaison with regulatory authorities and partners
  • Metering and measurement related processes, auditing and allocation
  • Cost effective and fit-for-purpose systems

Bespoke or standard training packages to develop highly skilled metering teams. These courses cover best practice for:

  • Continuous performance improvement for all aspects of flow measurement
  • Design, operations and maintenance of oil and gas measurement systems
  • Production and allocation systems, through to export and fiscal custody transfer applications
  • Flow measurement for the oil and gas supply chain

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We offer a range of metering services, aligned to your requirements.