Supervisory services

Our experienced supervisors and managers can enhance productivity and performance.

We provide labour, experienced supervision and direct management to enhance the performance of your assets, improve productivity of your people, and reduce OPEX costs.

Because of the extent of our experience across the oil and gas industry over decades, we can support operations and maintenance (O&M) activities across all stages of the asset lifecycle, from engineering, to procurement and commissioning to commercial operation and late life operations.

We implement a range of intelligent processes and procedures. This includes the development of manuals, procedures, work schedules, KPIs (and KPI monitoring), and associated systems (such as Operating Management Systems, Computerised Maintenance Management Systems and Safety Management Systems, among others).

Our approach to scalable maintenance is designed to optimise operations and maintenance activities. We determine which of your people are best equipped to complete the work required in the most efficient manner—and adjust their workload accordingly. We can, of course, provide training to eliminate any skills-gaps in your workforce, and assure competencies in the business.

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