Service Operator

We have developed a new Service Operator model, which expands our renowned Duty Holder model to include Well Operator and Pipeline Operator responsibilities

In 2016, we expanded our Duty Holder model to combine responsibility for the installation with Well Operator and Pipeline Operator responsibilities on behalf of our clients. This is our Service Operator capability.

We have highly experienced people who work with our processes, standards, systems and know-how, to create a tailored and fit-for-purpose delivery framework for each client.

Combining our operations capability with our wider, life of asset services enables us to provide integrated solutions incorporating engineering, well engineering and training capabilities.

As a Service Operator, we provide competent people to staff your asset. These people are supported by our Competent Person Profiles to ensure the right people are in the right roles and have the necessary support for their personal development. A robust communications function ensures all core information is understood by all personnel and that campaigns around HSSE and KPI targets reach and are adopted by all employees.

Well Operator: We provide a range of comprehensive well project management and engineering services across the entire well life cycle and have an extensive knowledge base from the drilling of more than 350 wells and completion of project management and engineering scopes for over 100 operators.

Pipeline Operator: We combine specialist pipeline engineering studies with subsea capabilities and the development of large multi-discipline oil and gas development projects to develop specialist pipeline management solutions. We have an extensive track record with oil and gas operators and with the major installation contractors, survey contractors, rock and burial contractors, and with subsea equipment suppliers.

This service is supported by our due diligence and transition capabilities.

In our first 100 days as Service Operator for Anasuria, gas export rate increased by 50%, peak production increased, and there were no accidents or incidents