Technical consulting

We define and develop programmes to help you improve the performance of your assets.

Once we have established what you want to achieve, whether through our performance consulting service or because you’ve come to us with a specific problem, we are able to define and develop programmes to achieve results. These programmes could cover key areas such as strategy, people and organisations, systems and processes, risk and compliance, physical assets and performance.

Each programme is designed to deliver performance objectives and is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our solutions range from the provision of operations readiness, through maintenance, inspection and inventory optimisation, to late life asset management and decommissioning strategies.

Our consultants develop fit-for-purpose business processes that are designed to underpin the achievement of operational excellence. We ensure seamless business level integration of information management by considering enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), engineering and production management systems as part of your business systems strategy.

This comprehensive solution can address the complete asset management spectrum or be targeted to specific elements. We develop practical solutions that deliver results, drawing upon our breadth of capability and asset management experience in challenging environments.

Technical consulting services
Our technical consulting services include:

  • Data management
  • Reliability and maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • Materials, spares and inventory management
  • Process safety
  • Integrity management
  • Integrity management governance
  • Integrity – vibration, detailed modelling/analysis and noise

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Technical consulting tools
The delivery of these services is enhanced by our in-house tools:

BuildMETM: Integrates the management, quality control and enhancement of asset management data and information to build specific programmes for performance improvement. Provides ease of implementation into client EAM, ERP and CMMS systems.

BuildME screenshot

We are currently responsible for developing and assuring the maintenance and integrity programmes for over US$150 billion of capital expenditure in the oil and gas industry.

CBMnet: Optimises maintenance and manages the risk to delivery of client business objectives through the assessment of critical rotating machinery condition.

CBMnet screenshot

Our analysts have diagnosed over 3,500 machines producing more than 87,000 reports and 6,500 maintenance recommendations.

AIRS: Integrates integrity management with audit tracking and associated risk mitigation to help clients identify and evaluate threats to asset integrity performance.

AIRS screenshot

We’ve tracked over 1,500 actions, helped clients save countless man-hours and improved the delivery of hundreds of projects.

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