Performance consulting

We define the optimum solution - in collaboration with you - to meet your asset performance challenge.

Through our performance consulting service, we benchmark physical assets to identify opportunities for improvement and define a practical approach to achieve these improvements.

Our highly experienced consultants can evaluate and benchmark your approach to the management of physical assets, covering six complementary areas necessary for effective asset management.

Using our knowledge, protocols and benchmarks, we conduct a thorough assessment through focused workshops, discussions, interviews, reviews of data/ documentation and observation.

We use the results of this assessment to evaluate the maturity of your approach using our maturity model, which incorporates international standards and your own objectives. The maturity model covers five stages that range from zero recognition of a requirement, through to having the basics in place, right up to having a complete and effective system.

The results of this process are presented visually to provide an at-a-glance look at the performance of your physical assets, supported by the identification of opportunities and a practical approach for their realisation.

Our approach:

  • Addresses all the contributing elements to asset management
  • For new assets, establishes best practice from day one of operations
  • Provides assurance that existing performance is on track with targets
  • Drives improvements for existing assets to achieve sustainable performance
  • Benchmarks processes, standards and safety across multiple assets/locations
  • Helps ensure compliance with standards, along with the adoption of industry best practice
  • Reports are aligned to the principles of ISO 55000, an increasingly-recognised standard for good asset management practice as applied to the management of physical assets

Supported by AssureME

AssureME is our proprietary tool for performance consulting and acts as a repository for the information gathered during an assessment. Our consultants use the tool to store and rank a client’s approach to all aspects of physical asset and infrastructure management. AssureME is robust enough to cover the complete asset management spectrum down to individual contributing elements such as maintenance.

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