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Our asset management consulting services help our clients to transform their organisations, meet international regulations, improve asset performance and maximise return on their asset-based investments.

Our clients may be facing a range of asset performance challenges, and our suite of services, built on our extensive experience, means that we are ideally placed to work with our clients to:

  • Define the optimum solution to their challenges
  • Develop programmes to achieve that result
  • Implement innovative and cost-efficient solutions to achieve optimised and compliant performance

As a result, our asset management consulting services can provide significant value to our clients, including:

  • Improved safety and integrity
  • Increased reliability and availability
  • Reduced cost
  • Assured compliance
  • Management of risk

What makes Petrofac unique is that we can not only identify opportunities for improvement but also support their realisation through our wide range of integrated services.

Performance consulting: Physical asset benchmarking and opportunity identification and implementation

Technical consulting: Asset technical support, development of systems, processes, programmes and competency solutions

Managed services: Complete asset management service—manpower provision, functional support and supervision

We also offer full facilities management support and production enhancement services for both onshore and offshore assets.

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Proprietary Software
We develop proprietary asset management software solutions that ensure effective, efficient and consistent delivery of all our services. These include:

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Find out how we support our clients to manage and maximise value from their assets and systems

Asset management service list

View a list of our asset management services


Management, quality control and enhancement of asset management data and information


A centralised store for gathering and ranking a client’s asset management maturity


For the storing of critical rotating machinery condition assessment data and critical alerts


Asset integrity performance tracking and risk mitigation software