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Heart-related illness is one of the biggest causes of emergency medical evacuations from our projects. This initiative encouraged teams across Petrofac to pay more attention to the health of their hearts.


Wanting to raise awareness of heart-related health risks, our UK team developed an innovative educational programme – Healthy Heart – that has now been rolled out globally.

The programme includes specialist medical checks and advice on how to maintain a healthy heart. And, this being Petrofac, engineering themes are used to grab the attention and engage employees.

During 2018, heart health risk assessments were carried out across 85 sites worldwide. In the UK, for example, we teamed up with the British Heart Foundation to show how to spot the signs of a heart attack, administer CPR, and put someone in the recovery position. Meanwhile, in the UAE, more than 300 people attended mini heart health check sessions, which included dietary guidance.

300+ people attended mini heart health check sessions

This has been backed up by a broader range of awareness campaigns. For instance, to mark World Heart Day we encouraged colleagues across the Group to share a ‘heart selfie’ and tell us what they do to keep their hearts healthy. At several sites, clients have also joined in, adapting the Petrofac approach to get the message out to their own employees.

In our operationally-focused environment, the ‘H’ in Health and Safety isn’t always prioritised. Helping our people to stay healthy is an important way to keep them, and our operations, safe.