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The HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) boot camp is a vibrant programme that helps us build and strengthen our high performing safety culture.


Based around a three-day practical learning experience for all project, contractor and in some cases client team leaders, the boot camp encourages HSSE awareness right from the start of new projects. The camp has been specially designed to go beyond a traditional training approach so that trainee knowledge is successfully converted to improved safety performance.

Participants are challenged to analyse their own safety leadership capabilities and the current safety performance in their work area. They are then encouraged to apply the lessons learnt from the HSSE boot camp.

All boot camp participants are encouraged to:

  • Understand and change workplace safety culture for the better
  • Enhance their safety communication, influencing and coaching skills
  • Positively influence people to strengthen good safety beliefs and behaviours

We also offer a one-day boot camp, which is aimed at office-based employees. This course helps our people grow and develop our safety culture as part of the wider project team.

Good leaders lead by example and this is particularly true when it comes to safety leadership.

Ayman Asfari, Group Chief Executive